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Tommy Cox, our founder, has been developing innovative software for 25 years. Throughout his career he recognized some obvious characteristics of the Software Development relationship that, in his opinion, were the cause of most of the unforeseeable failures for most projects.  He founded Advanced Systems Unlimited to offer businesses a development partnership that truly gave them an advantage in today’s technology driven market place. A relationship that offered his clients more control of their technology and unprecedented visibility and control of the work his team managed on their behalf.  ASU’s veteran team of software engineers use a combination of technology experience, software development expertise and code writing standards to protect the investment that their clients make in technology.

Advanced Systems Unlimited designs and builds custom software applications from our client's point of view. Every step of our engagements and our unique development process has been designed to benefit our clients' success. Our project management approach empowers executive staff with full access to our development processes and progress. We feel that our unprecedented operational transparency offers our clients the greatest opportunity for success at a significantly more attractive ROI. We encourage you to engage our software engineers and learn more about our team and our client’s success.

We believe that business owners should own their software rather than their software owning them. Our primary focus is our clients' success. Our vision is to keep our clients in control of their technology assets, and we see so many who aren't. The technology investments of a company are critical to its success, and we have the expertise to deliver those successes for our clients. We go much further than other development firms to strengthen the outsourced development relationship. We don't lock our clients in with restrictive contracts or through proprietary code. We empower their in-house IT staff by sharing our advanced development tools and transferring the knowledge necessary to manage these applications internally.   We position our clients to function independently of our services if they choose to, and we believe that this partnership model assures our clients that our team must work hard every day to earn their business on an on-going basis.

At Advanced Systems Unlimited we have an informal business culture which prioritizes excellence in software development and technology over everything else. We hire programmers and mentor, train and develop their talent so that they can apply our processes and perform with excellence within the environment we provide. We place emphasis on outcomes – not titles or positions. We are very flexible in terms of bending to our customer’s needs, but we are rigid in our attention to detail and on our focus on our processes and patterns that produce great software.

Advanced Systems Unlimited


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