Modular ERP systems allow you

to get only what you need and not have to pay for unneeded extras. If your business was strictly cash, the accounts receivable module would not add value to your business. From the beginning and still today,
20% of the functions resulted in 80% of the value to any user.
Advanced Systems Unlimited has developed industry specific functionality into custom ERP solutions for enterprise size companies.

We recognize
the value of a
modular approach

to implementation and want to provide our partners with every opportunity to design and develop only the modules they feel are most important to their company’s success. This unique approach allows businesses to spread out the investment cost as modules are implemented one at a time.

ERP systems can be a huge investment for a manufacturing company. With the market today, it can be a daunting challenge finding a new one that is right for your business; one that will return the value you want and expect. Every company is unique and there is no single indicator that says you need a new ERP system now.

5 Signs that you may need to consider

evaluating new ERP

You don’t have convenient access to information about your business

If someone asked you what your sales to date are or what your material costs this week are, would you be able to answer in a timely fashion? What about open orders, workloads, inventory locations, shipping orders, accounting information? The pace of business is faster than ever before, which means your employees need immediate access to important data. This information can prevent problems and disruptions long before they happen.

Your system doesn’t play well with others

Does your accountant have to manually punch away entering information from spreadsheets? Do sales, purchasing, and production spend more of their time transferring information from system to system than their actual jobs? The lack of included functions and integration of old ERP systems is extremely inefficient and costs valuable time. Today, it is all about how well you connect to customers, vendors, partners, and even your own employees.

Production Issues

Are you having trouble scheduling production correctly? Is it difficult to know if you have the correct materials on hand and the important resources available? Do you lack a true visibility into your production processes? These can cause timely delays in production that can raise costs and miss production deadlines. The inefficiencies hurt the bottom line and can cause you to lose your competitive edge, or worse, lose a valuable customer.

Inventory Issues

Do you have trouble maintaining accurate inventory counts? Do your physical counts rarely match the perpetual inventory records because there is no system to enforce transaction processes? Not only is this an accounting issue, but it messes with production efficiency since parts and final products aren’t available when you need them. This causes delivery delays that upset customers. Upset customers don’t send repeat orders, so poor inventory accuracy negatively affects revenue.

Your business has matured

Is your business growing? Did you just win a huge manufacturing contract? Are your systems falling behind and unable to keep up? Managing growth is hard enough and your old systems should be helping with that growth and management, not hurting it.

If all or some of these signs sound familiar to you, you might want to consider a new ERP for your manufacturing business.

Our clients have achieved their business goals, such as reducing inventory, improving cash management, strengthening their financial position, and increasing customer satisfaction, among others. The average payback time for our customers implementing these solutions is 9 months, which leads to a fantastic ROI, Return on Investment.